Our team at Celestial Weddings are passionately involved in styling as well as planning weddings. The planning aspect of our work means we help you to determine: which elements will be incorporated into your wedding such as suppliers and products, the location of your ceremony, photo shoots and reception and the timing of each element.

The aim of styling is to set the theme and overall atmosphere of your wedding. Once this is settled, we ensure all components fit your theme, such as décor, so that your uniqueness as a couple is displayed to all present. You will be encouraged to contribute your ideas at the first consultation. We will then put together your overall concept including all details, which will be implemented via Celestial Weddings and other suppliers, resulting in a wedding day celebrated in style.

We appreciate the uniqueness of each couple’s inspirational story. We design a unique wedding ceremony and reception that reflects who you are as a couple and the experience you want to give to your guests.

You are welcome to consult us for styling alone, where the organisational aspect of your wedding is all under control and you just want your wedding to look and feel different. You will gain much by participating in our workshops, or arranging for us to meet you to see your inspirational ideas, favoured magazine pages and pictures gathered from social media or elsewhere. We can combine those ideas that stand out for the message you would like to convey or use them as a base for something completely different.

Contact us today to arrange a FREE consultation – we’d love to hear from you. We welcome items that display your vision!


Styled Shoots